EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive

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All new buildings are to have an energy performance certificate and they, together with all major refurbishments of larger buildings (over 1,000 m2), must also meet specified energy performance standards. The standards are set down in the April 2006 revision of Part L of the Building Regulations, see links below.

All larger public buildings (over 1,000 m2) are to permanently display an energy performance certificate. The definition of public is not fully clarified but is likely to be buildings perceived as publicly owned and visited by the public - so including for example Town Halls, Sports Centres and Hospitals.

Boilers and air conditioning equipment are to have regular inspection or (in the case of boilers) provision of guidance on energy efficiency.

In April 2009 the UK revised Part L of the Building Regulations to implement parts of the Directive establishing energy standards for new construction and works on existing building, based on a National Calculation Method. But like many other EU Member States the UK is in default because legislation for the whole Directive has not yet been passed. UK legislation is likely to introduce the certification and inspection requirements in phases in 2015 and 2015, as the UK is claiming grounds for delay due to lack of certification or inspection capacity.

A June 14th ministerial statement from the Department of Communities and Local Government, the lead government department for the Directive, set down the intention that The new building, major refurbishment and sale-or-rent performance certificates are to be based on an energy Asset Rating calculation - this is likely to use the approved SBEM energy calculation model or other procedures approved for the Building Regulations Part L, see links below. The procedure uses details of the layout, activities supported, construction, and servicing of the building. UK Domains

The display rating certificate for larger public buildings will be based on an Operational Rating which compares a building's CO2 emissions with benchmark values - the CO2 emissions are calculated directly from the building's actual metered energy consumption.

Useful download links:

Department of Communities and Local Government under Building Regulations look for Part L Approved Documents ADL2A and ADL2B.

DIAG - the Building Performance Directive Implementation Advisory Group. Established to advise the UK Government on the energy performance of buildings and the implementation of the European Energy Building Performance Directive in a timely manner.

National Calculation Method Description and download of the approved building energy calculation method.

For help with assessing the implications for your organisation, or with planning for the Directive, contact Energy directly.