Half hourly analysis tool download

Download our demand profiler tool for analysis of a building or site's bulk half-hourly energy data.

To use this tool you must have access to half hourly electricity consumption data for the building - generally available at no cost or low cost for buildings with electricity supply contracts on the open market.

The profiler provides week-at-a-time view, with buttons to move the charted week forwards or backwards in time.

Conditions of download, opening or use of this tool:
This tool is in Microsoft Excel 2000 and includes macros for number-processing:
You will require half-hourly kWh data - normally obtained from the energy supplier.
1. This is for personal use only as part of your normal work and may not be re-badged or incorporated in other products.
2. The author takes no responsibility for any information displayed.
3. With your data charted, the unmodified chart may be freely displayed, printed or used in reports.
4. This workbook should not be copied to others, distributed nor made available for copying (other than by reference to this site), without the author's permission.

I accept the above conditions to download the tool (50 kB zip file).

Example of weekly profile chart: