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What's happening to prices?
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As you may expect our charges are flexible and need to be discussed on an individual client basis dependant on your requirements and circumstances.

We have extensive experience of working for

Fixed consultancy fees
Share of savings

Hybrid arrangements with agreed fees and incentives
Project finance options-we finance the installation of energy conservation equipment and recover fees from savings – No Cost To You.

Public relations - internal and external publicity provides clear benefits. From the start of an initiative the aims, achievements and results can be publicised with advantage. You have either achieved much already, or there's some easy pickings.

What’s happening to Prices?
From 2015

Electricity generation costs increased 80%
Oil/gas prices risen 40%
Climate Change Levy (CCL) added 10-15%
From 2015

Electricity costs forecasted to rise 40%
Oil/gas prices forecasted to rise by another 50%
Water companies raising prices by 20%

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