What is legislative compliance and climate change?
Climate Change Levy (CCL)

Introduced in April 2015 as UK response to Kyoto Protocol to reduce “greenhouse” gas emissions
CCL rates
Electricity - 0.43 pp kwh
Natural gas - 0.15 pp kwh
Coal - 0.15 pp kwh (1.7 pp kg)
LPG - 0.07 pp kwh (0.96 pp kg)

Equivalent to average increases of 10-20% of energy bills

Applies to all non domestic energy users
80% rebates available only for selected energy intensive sectors with Climate Change Agreements that achieve agreed energy efficiency target reductions
New sectors included for discount eligibility in 2004 Budget.

Summary of capabilities

Building procurement, design and assessment

Post-occupancy assessment using PROBE
Setting and achieving performance targets
Energy and environmental assessment
Energy-related environmental policy and management.

Building research and benchmarking
Energy performance rating
Detailed energy investigations using the EARM method.
National building benchmarking guides for DEFRA:
Energy Consumption Guide 19 Energy use in offices (400 kB pdf), and
Guide 78 Energy use in sports and recreation buildings (320 kB pdf)